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Old Habits Die Hard PT 1

10.11.05 (2:03 pm)   [edit]

The new website is revamped and back up with a new host. Hopefully this will be the last move for quite some time!

Please stop by the new site and register

The original site and all its archives will remain available.

Thanks for your support.


09.14.05 (5:18 am)   [edit]

Lesson learned. Never trust a server host. The new host which I had just vanished off the face of the earth taking with him/her/it my site as well as every other site he/she/it was hosting. Well over 500 communities. What a pain in the ass. All that work shit down the toilet. Soooo.... until I have the time to rebuild a new site from scratch I am going to reopen the original MohTruth blog to stay in touch. I am sorry for any inconvienience this may have caused anyone.




The MOH Truth Has Moved.....
07.27.05 (8:59 pm)   [edit]

The MOH Truth has a new address

The new site has been expanded to include not only MOHAA but also CODUO, BF2 and the soon to be released Call of Duty 2. Features such as Community News, OGL Overviews, TWL Overviews, Clan Reviews and Downloads will also be included. Thank you for your continued support!



*The original site and all the archives will remain accessible.


Hoods Inc. Makes it 10 to go on the 6v6 ladder in OGL.
07.22.05 (5:48 pm)   [edit]

Another of the long standing competitors of the ladder has decided it's time to move on. I wish Hoods Inc. the best and hope they too will keep us up to date as to which direction they intend to take.

Take care

Moh Truth

And then there were 11
07.18.05 (2:09 pm)   [edit]

{MOB} #1 has requested deletion from the OGL 6v6 TDM ladder.

I would like to thank {MOB} for all they have done to make me feel welcome in the community and for the leadership role they have played in OGL and will continue to play in the gaming community. You will be missed on the ladder. Please keep us posted as to the direction you plan to take.


Moh Truth

Another hardcore MOHAA player retires.
07.18.05 (2:03 pm)   [edit]

More often I have been receiving emails from some of MOHAA's most dedicated players who are stepping down. I'd like to share one of the most recent ones....

"Truth i just want to thank u for providing a neutral forum to discuss and provide direction for the community. I would also like to thank bart for keeping the game going as long as he did and for all of his hard work and to all the great players who i got to play with and against for some great gaming memories. Im getting a little long tooth to say the least and retiring from my guild and gaming in general. Their will never be another mohaa or game like it as the gaming industry seems to continue to curtail to the causual gamers desires more still than the dedicated hardcore gamers. You might see me from time to time on a server so please hit me up as i will always enjoy the company and competiveness of the skilled hardcore gamer. As always watch ur six.
fiery phoenix"

May I say it has been my pleasure to provide a neutral forum for the community. And my honor that it has been so openly accepted. For the most part I have made many friends (and a few enemies) along the way. I will continue to watch my six and look forward to running in to you Mr. Phoenix.

GOD Bless

Moh Truth

OGL States : Cheaters Beware
07.15.05 (5:29 am)   [edit]

OGL has started to enforce the user agreement where if users are caught cheating in other leagues they will be banned from competition in the OGL.(

The following players have been banned from the OGL by authority of Caine:

Call Of Duty:
User Name & GameID
-]IG[-Harttman dfffaf69
NBA The Nook ea537865
LtGen_Bender ff4e72f0
[ABN]_PVT_N3T0 e0382bd4
Pierce34 ef5a34e7
CiC_GuardiaN ff4e72f0

Day Of Defeat
User Name & GameID
Tyl2AnT 0:1:307747
legacy` 0:0:184000
Bennettboy 0:1:826126
Palmer [5th RB] 0:0:101187
KetoCrisp 0:0:101187
-]9v[-KetoCrisp 0:0:101187

Counter Strike Source
User Name & GameID
ProNoob 0:1:302982
Rayge 0:1:302982
KillaCowBoy 0:0:6327325

Counter Strike
User Name & GameID
Achilles` 0:1:2105
KaNoNiMe 0:0:1792479
ddarkk 0:1:257480
Darkis 0:1:257480
jxlachance 0:0:2256534
PiZZaFaCe BoBBy 0:0:1671
[lag]Mr.McRib 0:0:1671
EoA Spacegod 0:0:1830
UGA Mav 0:0:203752
dubey 0:1:55521
|k2s|-M3riNo 0:1:120530
-[w00t]-Hamster 0:0:87427
naume89 0:0:261038
3Kslickton 0:1:89679
[Noble]Sh4dOw 0:0:765663
yaamakoh_zero 0:0:288881
wanks 0:1:546457
Jebus_Crisp 0:0:80110
Dick Action 0:0:80110
influxx 0:0:94467
Scrapster 0:1:2628456
PhantomMantis 0:0:1339801
uX eM 0:1:1100680
fujilious 0:0:374575
plastic_Fish 0:0:3653939
lilosnuffles 0:1:205563
threat812 0:0:203752
excellenceemonk 0:1:209790
sk33t` 0:1:412650
levit8 0:0:3652435
yemz 0:1:98612
Einstein24 0:1:2770951
cordog814 0:0:203752
fuji1 0:0:374575
azndavecho 0:0:833568
waird 0:1:4396749
gpharynx 0:1:498502
mosesmode 0:1:5728617
retromoses 0:1:5728617
levitate 0:0:4196016
dragyn27 0:0:125052
dasmiu 0:0:761677
Zeyad 0:1:154981
dEzoaZn 0:0:135473

NEW Reverend update (which addresses the bypass issue) is ready for release. It goes into effect July 17th. Good news even if it may be a bit too late to save the ladders.

Moh Truth

=VX9= Requests Deletion From OGL Ladder
07.13.05 (7:52 pm)   [edit]

And then there were 13. Another outstanding clan has decided to put an end to their MOHAA competition on OGL. No word yet on the direction they will take but I am certain they will be successful no matter what game they choose. The community salutes you.

A special thanks to Stones for his extraordinary efforts to convert Spearhead and Breakthrough maps for MOHAA.


Servers Altering CONFIG files of players on their server?
07.11.05 (2:20 pm)   [edit]

I've received a number of complaints lately (particularly from players in OGL) about unamedsoldier config files having aliases added to them while playing on the }:MECH:{ server.

aliases such as "I tried to crash the server. Kick Me Kick Me. or I am a hack. etc..."

Seems this is a software problem with anti-cheat programs such as CrowKing AutoKick and CI. Until someone can come up with a solution I suggest making a copy of your unamedsoldier config and saving it in another folder. Then just copy and past it before each match.
When I am wrong I say I am wrong. This is not  a }:MECH:{ problem. My apologies to them.


Reply to: hedcase
Thanks for the constructive criticism hedcase. Since this was your first post ever on this forum I would ask the same of you. Know what the job is before you open your mouth and tell me what I should know and shouldn't know.

When you use software which is physically altering a file on another persons computer you had better know the liability involved regardless if it is malicious or not.
While the problem caused by the software may not be a MECH problem the fact that you are aware of it and have done nothing to correct it is.
The purpose of an anti-cheat program is to catch and kick a hacker. Not to place alias ignorant sayings in non-hacking players configs. SO unless you know how to run the software without knowingly altering non-hacking players configs don't use what you know nothing about.


-|TLD|- Bids Farewell to MOHAA competition on OGL after Defeating =|BoM|= on Destroyed Village
07.11.05 (7:23 am)   [edit]

-|TLD|- Gambino holds rung 3 against =|BoM|= Alpha Reborn on Jul 10th @ 11:16pm

FINAL 360 - 186

I received this message prior to the -|TLD|- v =|BoM|= match last night.

"Hi this is Lithium from TLD. How are you doing my man.
I just want to let you know that we as a team are done with OGL. I want to let you know first because all that good work you did for the game you deserve to know first. It is not official yet and I will inform you when it happens. If you want to know the reasons behind our decision I will let you in on secrets if you keep it to yourself please (you probably know about most of it). We have vote about is in our private forums and it is 12 to 1 to quit at this moment.
So tonight will be(more then likely) our last match if we can get 6 ready to play(it will be difficult task LOL).
I'm glad that it will be against very classy team like BOM. Those guys were always class act and I'm sure you are proud of them. It was hell of a run. A lot of fun and memories LOL. We're going to BF2 at this moment. Have fun without us."

My two cents....
I would like to thank -|TLD|- for their kind words and wish them the best of luck in BF2. I would also like to thank them for their contributions to the MOHAA community.

-|TLD|- Gambino holds rung 2 against -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo
07.02.05 (2:33 pm)   [edit]

-|TLD|- Gambino holds rung 2 against -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo on Jun 30th @ 11:02pm

Final Score 309 - 219 Destroyed Village

Quote from -=|3rd ID|=- Mars...
"The 3rd ID has decided to leave the MOHAA ladders and move on to other games. The OGL TDM ladder is dying a slow and painful death. You can't go into a server and get through two maps without running into a hack anymore. Everyone knows it. We've had our ups and downs with this game, thankfully more up than down. We contributed a lot to the community, but it's getting tiresome. The game has been soured by a few individuals who can't play honest. We'll still play in servers, but for competitions we've narrowed it down to go to either COD: UO or BF2.

Our last MOHAA match will be tomorrow night against TLD. We certainly hope it's a good one, and I can't think of a better team to end our MOHAA competitions against. We've made more friends than enemies, and we made it to #1 twice. We managed to be in the top 5 longer than below it, so we feel we've made our mark on the ladder, but it's time to move on.

We'll still be available to help anyone who asks, and we'll still support our MOHAA software.

See you in the servers.

I have known the members of -=|3rd ID|=- since its beginning. They are one of the foundation stones of the community. They will be sorely missed from OGL competition. We can only hope that this is not permanent.
Good luck my friends and stay active on the servers!

My thoughts...
While it is true most servers are infiltrated by a lowlife hack or 2 on a regular basis, OGL is one of the last havens in which to play with relative certainty that it is hack free. This is as much due to anti-cheat software as it is a testament to the integrity of the clans on the ladder.

And while some believe MOHAA is dying I believe it is transforming. When the interest level diminishes and the hacks tire and move on to more formidable challenges we will be left with a core of dedicated gamers with renewed hope for cheatfree competition. It may not happen for some time but it will happen. I may be an eternal optimist but I'd rather see my beer mug as half full rather than half empty!
Keep in mind there are over 5,700 hundred MOHAA enthusiasts online right now! (Midnight est Friday July 1st). And nearly 900,000 people have played in the last month!
Not bad for a dead game.

"Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others."


{MOB}[Regs] #1 takes rung 5 away from =VX9= Charlie Company
06.29.05 (5:46 pm)   [edit]

{MOB}[Regs] #1 takes rung 5 away from =VX9= Charlie Company on Jun 28th @ 9:11pm

Final Score 62 - 51 Stalingrad

=|BoM|= Alpha Reborn takes rung 8 away from =SK=_Raiders
06.29.05 (5:44 pm)   [edit]

=|BoM|= Alpha Reborn takes rung 8 away from =SK=_Raiders on Jun 26th @ 11:01pm

Final Score 8 - 6 Southern France

Metal Mulisha {Killers} takes rung 3 away from -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo
06.29.05 (5:41 pm)   [edit]

Metal Mulisha {Killers} takes rung 3 away from -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo on Jun 23rd @ 11:50pm

Final Score 16 - 8 The Crossroads

Upcoming Matches
06.22.05 (10:02 pm)   [edit]

 -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo vs. Metal Mulisha {Killers} for rung 4 on Jun 23rd @ 10:30pm

=SK=_Raiders vs. =|BoM|= Alpha Reborn for rung 8 on Jun 26th @ 9:00pm

{T-C} Special Forces vs. *-E|A-* European Association. for rung 13 on Jun 27th @ 8:30pm

=VX9= Charlie Company vs. {MOB}[Regs] #1 for rung 5 on Jun 28th @ 9:00pm

{MOB} #1 vs. /BAD./ T1 for rung 6 on Jun 28th @ 10:00pm

Bloodbath in Remagen: =SK= RED DEVILS takes rung 1 away from -|TLD|- Gambino
06.22.05 (10:00 pm)   [edit]

-|TLD|- Gambino vs. =SK= RED DEVILS

=SK= RED DEVILS takes rung 1 away from -|TLD|- Gambino on Jun 22nd @ 11:26pm

Final Score 387 - 341

This was obviously a real campfest yawner.

=|BoM|= Alpha Reborn holds rung 10 against Hoods, Inc.
06.20.05 (12:05 pm)   [edit]

=|BoM|= Alpha Reborn holds rung 10 against Hoods, Inc. on Jun 19th @ 11:12pm

Final Score 141 - 111 The Crossroads

/BAD./ T1 holds rung 9 against =7= Rangers^2
06.20.05 (12:03 pm)   [edit]

/BAD./ T1 holds rung 9 against =7= Rangers^2 on Jun 19th @ 10:08pm

Final Score 178 - 166 Remagen

{MOB}[Regs] #1 takes rung 7 away from =SK=_Raiders
06.20.05 (12:00 pm)   [edit]

{MOB}[Regs] #1 takes rung 7 away from =SK=_Raiders on Jun 13th @ 10:53pm

Final Score 70 - 47 Stalingrad

{MOB} #1 & {MOB}[Regs] #1 Suspensions Lifted by OGL Smokin
06.19.05 (4:20 pm)   [edit]
As many of you know {MOB} #1 & {MOB}[Regs] #1 were temporarily suspended due to a misunderstanding of the rules. I am happy to say that the misunderstanding has been worked out and both teams have had their suspensions removed.

To bring some lasting good from this misunderstanding OGL should consider altering the rules to state that the clan leader can be present on more than one team on a ladder as an incactive administrator but may only designate one team as an active player. Changing their active status would be subject to the same waiting period as any player changing squads. Being caught violating their status as inactive administrator would place them in violations of existing OGL rules.

Below is the appeal from RealDeal and the ruling handed down by Smokin' and RealDeals response.

RealDeal..."This is to appeal the suspension of MOB for "multi-clanning". MANIAC69 was placed on the REGS team so that I could get the emails of their match dates and add them to our forum calendar. That's it. MANIAC has been on that roster for over a month and NEVER played in a match. If MANIAC was on their roster for any other reason, don't you think he would have played in a match by now? Guys, this was a totally innocent misunderstanding. MOB's been around OGL for a long time now. The longest on your MOHAA ladder. This ladder is dying. We need to try and keep it going, not try and kill it further with rulings such as this one. Please reconsider the decision."


Smokin..."Players can only be on 1 team for a particular ladder.

General rules 9.3

Players may participate in as many clans as they desire, however, they may register for one, and only one, clan per ladder.

The new ladder software in use by the OGL is designed to catch multi-clanners and NOT permit teams to join the ladder if that player is already on a team ALREADY on the ladder.

If the OGL determines that a player has violated this rule:

That Player will be suspended from all OGL play for a period of two weeks upon the first occurrence.

A second offence will result in summary expulsion from the OGL, and the forfeit of all membership privileges.

OGL's user agreement

The only reason I can see to make a separate account is to keep the second account from being noticed as belonging to the original player.
While that may be to make sure scheduling is handled properly, which seems innocent enough, it still violates the rules that you agreed to when you joined the ladder.

Mohaa ladders also have specific penalties outside of the General Rules, listed penalties which is why Grunt resolved the issue as he did.
He was accurate in both his findings, and ruling.

I will however, reconsider the penalties.

Player maniac69 has been deleted. Real Deal will remain suspended until the 2 weeks are up.

The teams suspensions have been removed, and their rungs restored to where the ladders logs show they were before this drop in rungs occured.
Matches with TLD, etc. can not be reinstated. The auto forfeit stands as it happened. VX9 can be rechallenged if you like, as that match was cancelled and not forfeited.

League Official
OGL Medal of Honor Series

RealDeal ....
"I still think the drop in rungs (as a result of the forfeit) are incorrect and have asked Smokin' to check into that.

I would like to thank all of you for your support of {MOB} in this matter and for those that contacted OGL on our behalf..... TLD, VX9 & SK... at the end of the day this is still a game and we all need to depend on each other to make it work. Thanks guys!

And thanks to Smokin' who's finally proved that someone at OGL has some common sense. "

Thor Development - A few things for your MOHAA toolbox!
06.12.05 (7:54 pm)   [edit]

This site has some awesome programs for use with MOHAA.

MOHAA Recovery  v 2.1.2 - Tired of having your MOHAA exe file deleted when you use Reverend and it doesn't come back, even though you know you did everything right? Download this little utility and that problem is solved.

MOHaa Launch Manager  v 4.3.0 - The MOHaa Launch Manager is a tool that will launch you into the Medal of Honor:Allied Assault game with the ease of clicking a button. There are other products out there that do this, but MOHaa Launch Manager has some special features that are not seen on these other products.
NEW Added the ability to be able to store multiple ports and passwords for one server.
NEW Added the ability to store MOHAA and COD servers separately.
NEW Fixed COD Game Path setting.

MapUp - v 2.0.0 - A tool for map developers to make backing up their map files easier.

MOHaa Server Config - v 1.0.0 - MOHaa tool that will allow you to generate a server.cfg file with ease.

MOHaa Query - v 3.0.0 - MOHaa Query is a tool that will allow you to keep track of what's going on on Medal of Honor:Allied Assault servers.

Metal Mulisha {Killers} holds rung 5 against =|BoM|= Alpha Reborn
06.12.05 (7:33 pm)   [edit]

Metal Mulisha {Killers} holds rung 5 against =|BoM|= Alpha Reborn on Jun 12th @ 11:24pm

Final Score 147 - 135 Destroyed Village

=SK= RED DEVILS holds rung 2 against =VX9= Charlie Company
06.12.05 (7:30 pm)   [edit]

=SK= RED DEVILS holds rung 2 against =VX9= Charlie Company on Jun 12th @ 11:04pm

Final Score 73 - 44 Southern France

-|TLD|- Gambino holds rung 1 against -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo
06.12.05 (7:25 pm)   [edit]

-|TLD|- Gambino holds rung 1 against -=|3rd ID|=- Bravo on Jun 12th @ 10:50pm

Final Score 331 - 223 Remagen

Hoods, Inc. holds rung 12 against {T-C} Special Forces
06.12.05 (7:12 pm)   [edit]

Hoods, Inc. holds rung 12 against {T-C} Special Forces on Jun 12th @ 12:37pm

Final Score 266 - 185 Destroyed Village



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